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Gold Medal Ideas was started in 2006 by Amy and Ron Kritzman and Sarajoy Pickholtz. Their focus at the start was primarily embroidery and decorated apparel but they quickly expanded into promotional products. They started with what they knew well — ham radio and acapella music, primarily barbershop choruses and quartets. Ron has been a ham radio operator since he was 13, and they all sing barbershop! It is a perfect blend of their business skills. Ron is a techno-nerd. Amy is a skilled logistics and customer service business manager and Sarajoy is a graphic artist and web and marketing dudette.

Ron and Amy travel extensively, often hauling a 200lb embroidery machine and bringing Meowsic Cat, their musical mascot, If you follow them on Facebook you’ll often see them “in two states at the same time.” Throughout the years, they’ve had lots of friends and family join them as they travel to events throughout the country. It’s all part of them having fun at work. They love what they do.

We are happy to have recently Seth Pittluck our business development manager. Seth has a real passion for helping customers grow their businesses and has years of customer service experience. His first foray into the world of sales was peddling kittens and puppies outside the local grocery store as a kid. All unwanted litters found good homes in a matter of hours. Gold Medal Ideas helps people promote their business or organization with promotional products and decorated apparel.

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They’re here! And they are even more fabulous than we hoped! The logo is gorgeous and the colors are YUMMY!!  We will debut them at chorus and people will fall on us!  I can’t thank you enough! I’m thrilled!

— Peach

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