Sweet Adelines Virtual Convention

Gold Medal Ideas offers the largest selection of music-themed apparel and accessories. We work with choruses and quartets on name tags and casual costumes. Available to you all year round!

Music Store

Find all your favorite music designs and check out the new ones!

  • Tees
  • Masks
  • Face covers
  • Accessories
  • Meowsic Cat & Woofer Dog
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Make Lemonade Store

A store for theses crazy times we live in. Featuring :

  • Masks
  • Face covers
  • Tees
  • Novelty-wear
‘Cause when the going gets tough, you have to make lemonade. And you just have to find the humor in life!
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Traditional ways of raising funds for non-profit organizations are out-dated. Selling candy or selling ads in a program can be somewhat effective, but has serious limitations. It requires a lot of work from a lot of members and involves collecting relatively small amounts of money. In addition, members always have to turn to friends and family to make purchases.